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Ara Sisserian, CEO - GM

After nearly two decades in the public arena, Ara Sisserian has created a new platform from which to serve the Armenian community. Graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Management from Haigazian University, he travelled to France where he met and established his relationship with former Prime Lebanese Minister Rafic Hariri. Later he began working in Armenia for various humanitarian aid projects, but was asked to return to Beirut and assume the assistant to the Chief of Protocol position for Hariri.

Since 2005, he has continued to serve as the Chief of Protocol for the current Prime Minister, Saad Hariri. Mr. Sisserian’s objective for founding Radio Sevan was to have a free and independent station where all Armenians could have their voices heard, in the community as well as in the Diaspora. It was also an opportunity to open the channels of communication between Armenia and those living abroad, to strengthen cultural ties and promote greater awareness of each other.

Radio Sevan has successfully grown over the past few years with Mr. Sisserian at its helm, and as a result has been a point of reference for community radio in the entire region.


Michael has been dedicated to the success and promotion of Radio Sevan since its founding in 2007. Responsible for marketing, management, events and the day-to-day activities of the station, he manages to put strategies in place to cope with the triumphs and challenges of running a demanding medium.

With a degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Advertising and Communications, he was chosen to lead Radio Sevan, because of his strong managerial skills. Michael also owns and operates a point-of-sales distribution company in Yerevan, where he lived and worked for two years. He is instrumental to the strategic development of the station and in establishing new growth opportunities.


Hratch is a member of  Radio Sevan team since mid 2009. He has administered the accounts payable and receivable departments, as well as other finance-related functions.

Prior to his current role, he worked in media therefore he is familiar with the system of operations. His responsibilities also include, providing direct support and assistance to the Managing Director.

Hovsep Boyadjian, WEBMASTER

As part of the creative department of Radio Sevan, Hovsep is responsible for new media operations. This entails all website content implementation, monitoring, reporting and analysis, as well as assists with the maintenance, provision and development of the station’s IT infrastructure and archives.