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Varak Sisserian

Vera Sisserian

As head of the programs department at Radio Sevan, Mrs. Sisserian has quite a heavy load to bear. It is this great responsibility that drives her to believe in the power of teamwork, and cooperation as a means towards success. "If there isn’t cooperation, you haven’t succeeded," according to Mrs. Sisserian.

With a background in psychology, teaching, newspaper reporting and writing children's books, she is well prepared for the challenges of producing a variety of informative and entertaining radio programs.

Vasken Moughalian

An artist, an educator and art lover, Mr. Moughalian has been at the center of creative arts for more than twenty five years. It is his passion, his domain. As a teacher of primary, as well as secondary schools across Beirut, he has shaped young minds and instilled the same zest for art that he too shares. His Masters in Art, with an emphasis in stage decoration, prepared him for a stint at ATV, where he worked in the Art Department and for his contributions to the Vartan Papazian Theater Group, as well as Hamazkayin for numerous set decors.

Mr. Moughalian has taken part in exhibitions throughout the years, with original pieces of his own painted in either oil or watercolors. He has been  producing the popular radio program "Cultural Corner."

Tamar Khanjihanian